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Just Piano Lessons

Nurture your child's talent. Learning music is fun. Playing the piano will surely benefit your child in more ways than one. It develops his confidence and self-esteem.

Piano Recitals

Music is for sharing. That's why I focus a lot on performance for my students and hold regular piano workshops and recitals for my students to get together. This motivates them to share their music to other people.

Successful Students

My piano lessons have produced winners in various prestigious competitions such as the Singapore National Piano Competition and Sweet Classics Piano Competition. One won 2nd prize in the Singapore National Piano Competition in 2007. While another student won in the Dynamicworkx piano competition in the latter.

Experienced Teacher

A music graduate from Tokyo Conservatoire Shobi, I have been teaching piano since 1996. I am MOE approved and an AMIS instructor.

Excellent Courses

I teach different courses such as Classical Piano, Diploma Piano, Theory and Electone Course. I also teach piano just for fun. Other course offerings include Composition and Jazz Piano.

Piano for Kids

Start them young. Piano gives numerous benefits to your child. It will train them on discipline and patience.

Email Me

Please call or SMS/Whatsapp me for more information regarding my piano lessons. If you don't know which piano lesson is suitable for you, I would be glad to help you find your true potential. Cheers!