Piano Lessons and Piano Playing

piano lessons

There are many piano lessons for beginners such as topics about proper body and hand posture, chord progressions, finger speed exercises, ear training, and notes, and today I am going to discuss a few. I’ve been teaching piano for many years, and I’ve always believed that the foundation of a student’s learning is on the basics. There are many basic topics regarding piano playing that every aspiring pianist should learn about.

The importance of practicing proper posture should not in any way be overlooked. Make sure that you do not slouch as it limits your mobility while playing, in addition to it having a negative impact on how you play piano. Besides, slouching never looks good especially if you are performing on stage with thousands of audiences. To practice proper posture, you need to ensure that you position your elbows at a 90 degree angle. You also need to play piano with proper hand posture, and this means to ensure that your wrists are in the same level with the piano. If it’s too low, hitting the keys properly can get difficult, and if it’s too high, you won’t obtain the control you need. You may even find yourself accidentally hitting the black keys.

There is a numbered fingering system that is very important in helping you get around the piano keyboard. You may assigned the thumbs for number 1, index fingers for number 2, middle fingers for number 3, ring fingers for number for and 5 for the little fingers.


One of the most important piano lessons is to increase your finger speed, and there are exercises available that can help you do it. You need to develop a right sense of timing. Another important lesson is about ear training, and this means the act of playing by ear. Ear training is very important as it shortens the process of transmitting what you hear from your head to the keyboard. Make sure that you have an understanding of intervals, chords, and notes.

There are many resources available online that you can take advantage from. Of course, attending a piano class is truly important. Beginners who want to start playing piano in the right way may enroll in a piano lesson, and see themselves transform into the pianists they are dreaming of right before their very eyes. Piano teachers have the skills, talents, knowledge and experiences needed to teach people how to play piano.

If you are wondering how you can choose the best piano lessons, then you need to consider certain factors. One is to look for a mentor that has an outstanding reputation not just in teaching but also in piano playing. The teacher needs to demonstrate excellence both in playing piano and teaching it. In attending piano lessons, you will be able to learn about the basics and what you should know while still learning how to play the instrument. The transition from the skills of a beginner to advanced player is smooth since teacher are equipped with what’s needed to make lessons ideal for a student’s individual needs and skill levels.